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Artificial Intelligence for Marketers: Embrace the Change.

The storm around AI has passed. Or so it seems.

With every new day, new developments in AI come to the fore. Some updates are inherently useful and others not so much. But they all have one thing in common - they've changed the way we do business. Forever.

Amongst many facets of business that AI has impacted, marketing for products and services is high up on the list. Businesses are leveraging AI to assist with end-to-end marketing, starting at predictive analysis for campaigns to automating mundane processes like content creation and scheduling ads.

Photo showing how AI can assist in marketing efforts of a company
AI & Marketing is one such business. Saving clients thousands, if not millions in campaign spend, the company uses AI to test the performance of a campaign in a simulated environment using millions of data points. I think that's a solution businesses wouldn't mind paying for!

AI adds value. Of that we can be certain. But is the value addition absolute?

It would be naive to say yes.

Concerns around privacy of user data, in built discrimination in data sets, dehumanisation of entire process chains and security risks are very real problems that we don't have answers for. Yet.

As advancements are made within AI - we can be certain that ancillary industries will play catch up and produce frameworks, guidelines and signposts to encourage fair and ethical use of this new technology.

At Vox360, we don't shun AI. Our aim is to use it intelligently, to enhance the value we provide to our clients. To discuss how we can help you or your business with your marketing needs, reach out to us via the contact form.

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